Thursday, September 30, 2010

Database and Properties of Database for MI0025 SMU MBA Assignment

“Explain what is meant by Database? What are its properties?” it is the question of SMU MBA assignment for Database Management Systems. It is the solved assignment for students of Sikkim Manipal University with Information System (IS) specialty MBA MI0025. You can see Design Heuristics for Effective Modularity for MI0024 MBA assignment. You can suggest me some other questions also for the SMU MBA assignments.

Database is one of the many primary resources that are used by many people in an organization. DBMS and related software are the secondary resources. Administering this secondary resource is the responsibility of the Database Administrator.

He usually has the complete authority to access and monitor the database. He is responsible for creating, modifying, and maintaining the Database. He grants permission to the users of the database. He stores the profile of each user in the database. He defines procedures to recover the database resulting from failures due to human, natural or hardware courses.

System analyst collects the information regarding requirements of the end users and develops specifications for caned transactions that meet their requirements.

Application programmers implement specifications developed by the System Analysts in the form of programs, they are also responsible to test, debug, document and maintain these programs.

Tools are the third party optional software packages which are not available with the DBMS. They include packages for DB design, performance, monitoring, graphical interacts. In many cases independent software vendors develop and market these tools. They are called Tool Developers.

A DBMS is a complex set of software programs that controls the organization, storage, management, and retrieval of data in a database. The four most common types of organizations are the hierarchical, network, relational and object models. A database query language and report writer allow users to interactively interrogate the database, analyze its data and update it according to the users privileges on data.


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