Sunday, November 7, 2010

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR in Today’s Context for MB0036 MBA Assignment

It is the solved SMU MBA MB0036 assignment question of – “In today’s context, would you consider Corporate Social Responsibility as a cost adding activity and not the duty of Companies or as an essential role with advantages to the firm?” It is the series of Intellectual Property Rights and effects of IP rights and Credit Card system and advantage to each participant in the system.

The potential of CSR policies to strengthen the symbiotic relationship between enterprises and society has already been demonstrated in areas such as sustainable growth, education and social cohesion. CSR can support the creation of an atmosphere of trust within companies, which leads to a stronger commitment of employees and higher innovation performance. A similar atmosphere of trust in co-operation among other stakeholders can increase the external innovation performance.

Consumer confidence fostered through CSR can be a major contributor to economic growth. More specifically, through CSR practices, enterprises can play an important role in preventing and combating corruption and bribery, and in helping preventing the use of enterprises for money laundering and criminal activities financing.

CSR policies can also boost the societal benefit that enterprises create with regard to innovation. Innovation practices aiming at better jobs, safer and employee-friendly workplaces, gender mainstreaming and the innovation or technology transfer to local communities and developing countries, leading to a more equitable North-South economic and social development, are further examples of societal benefits created by innovative enterprises. Indeed, CSR may play a positive role in fostering development in third countries by helping to establish a dialogue between these countries, their public authorities, social partners and civil society and foreign companies.

Awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility issues and concerns will contribute to promote more sustainable investments, more effective development co-operation and technology transfers.

The desire of enterprises to improve their risk management is a powerful factor behind CSR. Enterprises generally agree that Corporate Social Responsibility helps them in managing their risks, their intangible assets, their internal process and their relations with internal and external stakeholders. Justify Full

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